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Active Life Fusion

Matt and Yoga fell in love with each other in the fall of 2011. It was then that he found his first Yoga studio, his first copy of the Yoga Sutras, and his teacher Reverend Jaganath Carrera. The next few years of his life were dedicated solely to meditation, studying life, soul-searching, and trying to learn what love is.

In 2016, at the loving urging of his brother Dan, Matt underwent his 200-hour certification under the guidance of Jeff Posner. Matt is also certified to teach the Yoga Sutras as well as Yin Yoga. He is currently pursing his Master’s in Social Work, interning at a substance abuse clinic, and teaching Yoga. He values love, integrity, and playfulness. He loves coffee, music, and helping others. His favorite quote: Life is far to important to take seriously. -Oscar Wilde